Bathtub Fountain – Battery Free

This may not be beautiful, but it is crafty! I’ve been wanting a fountain in the bathtub for the girls to play with, probably since Rebecca was born. You can buy pretty cool battery powered bath fountains, but they all seem to have horrible reviews about the battery compartment leaking or the motor burning out after two uses. This has none of these problems! And it doesn’t make any cheap motor noises either! And it was free! Enough with the exclamation points.

How we made it: Take an empty milk carton and cut a large hole in the side. This hole serves two purposes, it is for quick filling (the girls dump cups of water in it) and it keeps the milk carton from being filled all the way up with water (a full gallon of water weighs 8lbs, and I didn’t want to deal with that much weight on our shower organizer. The further down you cut the hole the less the ‘full’ container will weigh. We made sure to leave enough structural plastic around the handle that we could use that to hang the milk carton. How did we hang it up? With a twist tie. That’s the other reason I didn’t want it full, I didn’t think the twist tie would hold up 8lbs. I wanted to use a metal S hook, but I couldn’t find any lying around, I’m sure I just didn’t look hard enough. I may replace the twist tie when it eventually rusts and breaks, or I may just use another twist tie. Probably I will just use another twist tie, because someone will be crying and I will be in a rush, as always. The ‘fountain’ is made by punching three holes in the bottom with sharp scissors. Easy and free bathtub entertainment!

Right now Penelope is running around with a paper cat cutout she painted yelling ‘Meow!’ and slamming it into the ground. I think it’s pouncing? And what were we doing the last week of silence? The girls were doing a ridiculous amount of throwing up, and I am still not getting to sleep through the night. Rebecca is so excited that I am letting her go back to school today!

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