Refreshing Markers & Mixing Marker Colors

We have lots of dried out markers. We *had* lots of dried out markers. I bet you do to. I’ve tried soaking them in water, which sort of works, but what *really* works is soaking them in liquid watercolors. They aren’t the most common craft supply, but if you have some they are perfect for recharging your markers. If you don’t have any you can probably justify the cost by saying they will save you the price of buying a new set of markers every year. :-)

To recharge your markers just put a little liquid watercolor in a paint tray or small jar and stick your markers in them, they will slowly soak them up and be ready to draw like new. Keep an eye on them, and if they suck up all the dye, add more. For a really dry marker you may have to leave it overnight with a good supply. Our liquid watercolors are washable (like most), so our finished markers stay washable, very important! Also, if you think your old colors are boring, you can even give them a long soak in a new made up color. Which brings us to activity two:

Have you seen those Crayola color mixing markers? They are basically just two markers that snap together point to point, and mix their colors through diffusion, then when you draw, the color gradually fades from the mixed color back to the original color as the dye is sucked out of the tip of the marker by the paper. Well, you can buy special markers to do this (which we technically did, my husband and daughter came home from the craft store with them, which is how I even know what they are…) but you don’t need to, you can just dip the regular old markers that you have into your liquid watercolors and get the same effect. Cool! You can do all kinds of neat washes and color fades. So go get mixy with those markers!

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