Texture Blocks

I love FabMo. I’m not allowed to go there very often, because I come home with a bunch of interesting fabric and bits, and then I don’t get to doing anything with them. But here is a quick project I did do:

Texture Blocks. I brought home all these interesting leather samples in different textures and finishes, I think originally I was planning on doing something Montessori-ish, like texture matching cards, or perhaps I was going to make a book. I don’t remember, and that’s for the best, because I came up with something much simpler, that I actually finished!

I have a bunch of wooden craft blocks that I was using to make little houses, which incidentally is where the name for this blog really first came from, (you can get them here) and I cut up the different leather scraps to the same size as a block face, and glued them on with a paint brush and some ModPodge. I could have cut them so that the edges of the leather overlapped, so the block would come out as a perfect cube, rather than a cube with all the corners missing, but I wasn’t confident I could pull that out without it looking like a mess, so I went with the corners-missing ‘style’. :-) I’m a total cheater.

All of the textures are fun to investigate, especially the hairy one. It’s hard to see, but the sides in that black row above is actually covered in stiff, flat, cow hair. That’s the real deal! The other textures are embossed, I’m pretty sure, but still very cool to touch.

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