Circle Painting – Friday Art Group

I guess I got distracted by my vacation! I was hoping to post a lot and catch up on all the interesting things that I never had time to blog about, but now we have made it back from Vermont, which was lovely lovely lovely, and not very much blogging happened while I was there. Oh well. I always expect I will be able to do more than I can, but at least I managed the rejuvenated part.

Circle Painting was such a lovely project. Often I have a vision in my head, and then reality comes along and it turns out my vision was much too complicated and I only get through it by turning into a whirl wind and holding onto 50 things at once. But this project, probably because I had no hand in creating it, was very simple and did a lovely job running itself.

We started with Barbara’s Thought of the Day: Circle Painting which I can’t at all remember how I found. And watched some lovely videos of different circle painting exercises on youtube.

I taped roll paper together to cover our entire table and gave everyone a different color and a brush in a cup, and explained how we were all going to be painting circles, and that all of our circles were going to be touching, and we were going to decorate each others circles but not destroy them, and that we were all going to be sharing the paper, that our color was our voice, and we were going to all blend together to create something beautiful. Somehow, magically, that worked, all the 2-6 year olds shared the piece of paper, mostly, and after some grumbles about how they only got one color, everyone wandered around the paper, fitting their one color in. It was really really nice.

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