Blind Drawing


Today’s project caused lots of hilarity, and also some incredulity.  I heard “I drew this with my eye’s closed!” “No you didn’t!” More than once.  But the laughing was good, and the kids ran it themselves, retreating to the lawn 20 feet away from adult interference. 

Oh, what is blind drawing?  Just drawing with your eyes closed.  Strictly you should keep your eyes closed the whole time, but I think there was a lot of peeking in between lines.

One of the easiest things to draw blind is your name, if your kids are at the stage where they have to write their name on everything, so that’s a great thing to challenge them with in the beginning.  It’s fun to feel how your proprioceptive system can help you draw without using your eyes at all, and the more you practice the better you will be at knowing where your hand is relative to your imagined drawing.  And giggles at the result are good too!

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