Tooth Brushing Yoga

Yogi Kaveri here to proselytize my new school of yoga, developed by me, a sleep deprived time-strapped mother of a toddler (she doesn’t toddle anymore, what do you call them then?).

I call it tooth brushing yoga, because that’s where it started. We all brush our teeth for two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night, and maybe even floss for a minute. If you add in a warrior 2 pose while you are brushing your teeth, left foot forward on the top teeth, then right foot forward on the bottom teeth or however you like to divide things up, and a chair pose or some kind of squat while you are flossing your teeth, every day, then that is 35 minutes of yoga a week, just while you’re taking care of your teeth! It’s a miracle! I may also be punchy.

Not that 2 minutes of yoga at a time could be called a work out, lets just call it an improvement over 0 minutes of yoga at a time.

But then there’s that balance we all need to work on as we get older. You’re standing in line somewhere? Tree pose. You can leave the hands out if you’re feeling shy, or just keep them in prayer form in the center of your chest. If the thought of tree pose makes you fall over, just lift your foot up to your ankle. Or put one finger on your shopping cart. This is ten times better for you than scanning the awful checkout magazines or staring at the candy bars and batteries.

Standing next to the car (or anywhere) waiting for your young child to PLEASE GET MOVING? Try some chest openers. Interlace your fingers in front of you, turn them palms out and stretch them up and over your head as far back as you can. Doesn’t that feel great? Release your arms out to the sides sweeping them back and down. Some people call this morning stretch I think. I’m a yogi, really. If you keep doing yoga when your kids are dawdling you may start to actually like it when they slow you down. Maybe going faster isn’t that important anyway.

Just flow. Namaste.

(Have more ideas for incorporating yoga into the tiny cracks in your life? Share them in the comments.)

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