Rocks and Blocks

Blocks and Rocks

This is one of those ‘duh’ things. We have these awesome natural building blocks that Rebecca’s DPa (grandfather) made by chopping up scrub he cleared for her aunt’s wedding reception… I wish I had scrub wood in my front yard I could turn into blocks! Rebecca added our rock collection (from the island that *we* got married on and visit periodically, obviously this should be re-named the wedding rocks and blocks) to them. My first reaction was, why are you getting out the bag of rocks? I thought we were going to play with blocks. My second reaction was, duh, obviously these things should be played with together. So there you go, rocks and blocks. I bet your blocks are missing their rocks. You should go fix that now. ;-)


Also, I just finally finally finally finished my 2007 photo year book. I started it a couple weeks ago, and it has been a constant push and a constant effort to not be a perfectionist, but just to get it all together, even if some of the page layouts come out half empty and I haven’t spell checked everything and the font sizes and styles might not be completely consistent. Major creative endeavor I can check off. Who wants to guess how embarrassingly many pages are in it? The answer is more than the days in a year. Ack! Because being selective takes more time, and clearly all the pictures of my daughter need to be preserved for all time. Obviously Although a big reason, and more than half the book, are two major vacations, one a two week business trip my husband took to Tokyo that I got to tag along on, and the other a family (great grandmother on down) trip to Central America. They could have had their own books, but then I wouldn’t have made it to 2008 yet. I am perpetually two years behind, and I would really like to fix that. But first I have a lot of blogs to catch up on, and a pattern I’m writing for Etsy that I would have liked to be done with by now too.

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