Unrolling Tie-Dye – Friday Art Group

There’s something magic about the exciting possibilities in a sink full of tie-dye you’re about to rinse out. What is it going to look like?

First the rubber bands (or hair ties if you are all out!) come off.

The gather stitching gets pulled out.

The pattern is revealed.

Then finally after washing and drying you get to see the colors that are left.

Should you wish to duplicate this, we used a basic shibori stitching and gathering technique, and Procion MX Fiber Reactive Cold Water Dye from Dharma Trading.

Do you think tie-dye is ‘so over’, or do you still love it? Personally, when I get a screen printed shirt from Threadless that just isn’t a good color on me, I crumple dye it, with a close family of colors, browns & rose, or blue & dark green, for that subtle (and HARD TO STAIN) color mash, with the cool Threadless graphic on top. I don’t wear rainbows much anymore, but I still wear tie dye. :-) Okay, actually, I still wear tie dye rainbows, what am I saying. How about you?

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