Ceramics Adventures


Jesse’s mother is/was a potter, although she is selling her studio imminently, so while we were visiting her we took advantage of the pottery wheels to make a set of enormous mugs. Jesse was determined and made 4, while I only moseyed my way through 2. They all came out a bit larger than is perhaps ideal. We made them extra big, as the clay shrinks when it is dried and fired, but we overestimated the shrinkage! So they are, hm, two handed mugs! They also get the table underneath themselves mysteriously extremely damp when a hot beverage is poured in them. I haven’t figured that out.

Wheel Pottery

Penelope and Rebecca both learned how to use the wheel, here is Penelope in her Cinderella dress. She wasn’t going to do it, but then Rebecca was very sweet and talked her through it.

Mixing Glaze

Rebecca also got to compound a white glaze, helping with the measuring, weighing and mixing/crushing.

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