Walnut Babies

Walnut Babies
My excuse for sewing these instead of working on the four critical projects I’m supposed to be working on, is that I can sew these while I am walking down the sidewalk behind Rebecca in her baby car or tricycle, with bits of felt and embroidery floss stuck to my chest.

So the first one (miss bug eyes) was done sitting in a sunny patch in the front room when I was cold. That was good parenting too, because it made Rebecca want to sit down and sew too. Felt is a great thing for toddlers to sew on.

I need to perfect the cradle lining, and figure out how I want them to hang, and then maybe they could be the first thing ever in my set up but never used Etsy shop. I’m scared of selling things. I’m working on that. These made my husband squeal though, so they must be cute. (I so married the right guy.)

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