Button Garland

Button Garland

IttyBittyLove left me a comment on my button tree ornament, saying she liked funky buttons, which led me to her blog (she’s on my blog list, but I’ve given up ‘keeping up’ with my blogs, it seems like I only have time to read one or two a day, unlike when I had a desk job!) and I saw on her blog her kids were making popcorn and cranberry garlands and counting vintage buttons, and somehow that turned into button garlands.

Buttons up close 1

So I found a bag of vintage beads in my findings drawer, and cut about three yards of 1/8″ red ribbon. I put a large needle on each end, and got Rebecca to help me string. She likes playing with buttons.

Buttons up close 2

Most buttons I just went in and out once, others I had to loop through twice since the holes were bigger. Easy quick project, but wow, does it tangle easily. If I did it again I would be sure to only use buttons I liked from both sides, because half of them are hanging face down, including all of the ones on posts. Those may have been a bad idea. But it’s pretty as a whole on the tree. There were some beads randomly mixed in with the buttons, so I used those too.

Buttons on Tree

I didn’t see I had two of those green metal bound buttons until I’d already strung one several buttons in, if I wasn’t too lazy I would have pulled it off to save for monster eyes. I hate undoing work though. Press forwards! Never go back!

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