Chain Letters and Blog Awards

Ginger of Loves To Dream sent me a blog award. And this is dumb, and not her fault, she has a sweet blog, but it kind of ruined my evening. Who makes these things up? Ever since getting my first chain letter, in the mail no less, I’ve hated the you-must-do-this tone, and the sometimes subtle sometimes blatant message of if-you-don’t pass this on, you are some kind of looser, will have horrible luck for the rest of the day, or are just no fun. This one in particular pats itself on the back for being ‘cleverly-worded’ while at the same time praises the people propagating it for being uninterested in self-aggrandizing. Huh. Who are you Mr. Awesome-Invisible-Patronizing-Voice? Seriously, who writes these things? Am I being mean? Sigh. I’m just bitter about how these things always make me feel. So, yah, I’m not passing this one along. Someday maybe I’ll make, or get, an award that says, ‘Hey, I like your blog! If you feel like it pass forward the message to some blogs you like, spread the sunshine.’ With no you-musts, you-have-to, or you-will. Because I guess I’m a billy-goat or something. I should do it today to balance out the karma, but really, that’s what leaving comments on other people’s blogs is for, which I try to do on a regular basis, and I’ve already wasted enough of my evening stewing over this, and I have to go put my daughter to bed. Excuses Excuses. End of rant.

But hey, if you’re reading this, maybe, if you feel like it, if you have time, and it isn’t too much trouble, because I never want to make work for people, go and leave a nice comment on someone else’s blog, telling them how awesome they are. Every day this week if you’re feeling really motivated. If you’re feeling super motivated, take jojoebi’s Comment Pledge. I thought that one was such a sweet idea.

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