Secret Heart Valentines

I wanted Rebecca to be involved in making the valentines for her classmates tomorrow, which is challenging, since we have to make 26ish of them, and that takes some stamina. At first I was planning on doing some stenciling, I cut out some hearts, and I wanted her to use the spray bottles of liquid water colors we have to paint hearts onto watercolor paper. But. For some reason when the girls use these they feel that they have to hold them really close to the paper, and anything other than fully covering to a drippy mess is unacceptable. So the first stencil was filled to overflowing with red watercolor paint. You can guess it didn’t come out looking like a heart. We moved on to plan 2!

Heart Valentines

On each piece of watercolor paper I drew a secret heart picture, nothing complicated, and Rebecca sprayed and painted watercolors over the top until she could see the whole picture. And yes, I did use a moving box as my backdrop, my house is covered in them! Should I be packing right now? Yes…

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