Rolling Gingerbread

This year we did it, we built a rolling graham cracker car/train thing. It rolls! I had to slightly violate our 100% food rule, because I forgot to bring stick pretzels, so the only thing I could find to use for an axle was the stick for a cocktail umbrella… they were there for gingerbread house decorating, so it sorta counts, but I’d like to have a do-over with 100% food. Next time maybe. Although, I think I’ll move on to a counterweight trebuchet… But a car with a gravity weight drive… the belt would be tricky, I could use those sticky gummy ropes, does a candy necklace with elastic in the middle count as food?? Lollypop sticks would also make fine axles come to think of it… Oh, or large candy canes. Does custom pouring hard candy gears count as cheating?

(Direct Youtube video link)

Here is proof that it rolls! The wheels are made out of graham cracker plywood (2-ply) with a hole cut in the center (used a bento circle cutter designed for cutting out eyes from cheese and such) with a Good N’ Plenty stuffed in it, which the tooth-pick-like cocktail umbrella stick stuck into that. The toothpicks go straight through the body of the car. My original plan was to build box tubes under the car and run stick pretzel axels through them, this is cleaner and simpler, but disappointingly not 100% food based.

(Direct Youtube video link)

Here is Jesse’s micro car, with Necco wafer wheels and similar toothpick construction.

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