Dyeing Clothes

For really young kids put their clothes in a really big tupperware. This is our sometimes sensory bin, so I had to put the beans in a ziplock temporarily. Putting the dye in squeeze bottles works really well, and gets out all that squeezing energy. Oh, and wear your favorite clothes while dyeing… check marks for that! Sigh.

I love this picture. Rebecca is consulting a reference document (under the table) to make sure she gets her rainbow right. (We didn’t completely have very ‘rainbow’ish colors to work with this time, but she worked with what we had…) And she’s wearing proper safety gloves. On one hand. Granted it’s the important hand since its the one she’s using to squidge her dress around. And she made the ties rainbow too. Of Course.

Both of these dresses are from Dharma Trading. The cotton velvets came out with lovely deep colors, love them! I love that they can dye (some of) their own clothes and proudly wear them. And working with the squeeze bottles requires very little skill to get beautiful results, without the standard tie-dye look. With really young kids you may need to limit the color pallet, to, say, three neighboring colors, to avoid the whole thing turning into a brown mess, but really, I’m quite fond of brown.

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