Felt Kitchen Beginning

Things have been pretty crazy around me for the last couple weeks, we’re staying with my parents-in-law, and have been working hard to get through my sister-in-law’s wedding.  The last guests left the house this morning, so now I have a little time to leave super slow dial-up-land and get down to the local library for some much needed high bandwidth time.  :-)

I’ve been super busy, but weekend before last we had a 3+ hour drive to go to my husband’s cousin’s wedding (yes, and two weekends from now we’re going to my brother’s wedding, crazy crazy) so I had some time in the car to do some sewing.  My daughter got a really fabulous Plan dollhouse from a friend for her belated two year birthday a couple weeks ago, so I got a good shot of inspiration to revive my doll house furniture crafting love.  This time with a little help from a Japanese crafting magazine/book I picked up last time we were in Tokyo.  Here’s the sweet felt kitchen I want to make from it:

Felt Kitchen Plans

So here is how far I have gotten:

Felt Kitchen Props

I haven’t counted how many pieces are in the kitchen set, because I would get too discouraged. I doubt I will make them all, but I will at least make the sink module. It took me three hours just to make the little box with handles though, because I wanted to add lots of extra stitching to make the corners, inside and out, square. But life isn’t about being fast, right? And patterns are just inspiration, when you make something it’s always nice to make it a little different to make it your own. Which is much easier when the instructions are in Japanese, so you have to make up half of it anyway! So I just use the basic pattern pieces, and add my own embroidery style.

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