Clay Doll House Plates

I don’t often work with real clay, but after all the weddings when things were calming down, and we were still visiting my husband’s mother Jennifer, Rebecca wanted to play with clay. Conveniently Jennifer has a pottery studio in her basement, and she gives classes there to kids, so everything is all set up for child created mayhem.  Excellent.

So Rebecca got some time to poke and prod sticky clay, and I got some time to hand build some plates for her doll house.  They’re a little wonky since they are hand built rather than thrown on the wheel, but they looked a lot better after I got to put lots of little dots all over them.  I was inspired by one of the bowls that Jennifer’s friend had decorated for their ‘Empty Bowls’ charity auction, which reminded me how much I like tiny dots.  The dots on the plates that I did first came out too big, I like the square cups better.  I hope they fire okay.

Dollhouse Plates & Cups

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