More Felt Bottles, Paraplegic Bear

More Felt Bottles, 3/4 Done Bear

Last weekend we drove down to San Diego for my brother’s wedding, (where I played official photographer, and now oh my goodness I have too much RAW photo post-processing work to do, I think I need a new computer!), which is an 8 hour drive with a toddler apparently, so I had a little time to stitch some felt, when I wasn’t being mesmerized by the monotony of I-5.

Actually I think I got half of this done the week before, I can’t remember now. I have Mama brain. Anyway, I got through the bottles, and then when I was trying to convince Rebecca to let me work on more of the kitchen, she told me she doesn’t want a kitchen for her new doll house. It doesn’t need a kitchen, it needs more dolls. Right. Most of what it has in it, collected from around the house, are dolls. Small bear dolls, small stuffed animals, some plastic pigs, some wooden little people made out of dowels and masking tape… I have a doll loving girl though. So I diverted from the kitchen project, which really is for me, I know that, I just forgot… to work on a bear. And Rebecca picked the colors, so he is red and pink. Thus I’ll have to call him aka-chan, which is what you call babies in Japan, and translates something like little red. I guess because babies are small and red? I’ve forgotten. Chan doesn’t mean ‘little’ literally, it’s just a diminutive that you attach to kid’s names or when you are trying to make someone a cute nickname…

Anyway, it’s done except it has no legs yet. I needle felted the face and tummy and ears, My first needle felting ever was some wonky Finnish flags for a swap I spent too much time on but mailed off October 1st, so that’s off my list. But the needle felting was a lot of fun. I need a real felting base, right now I’m using one of my daughter’s hair brushes, which tends to move around when I felt since the brush bristles aren’t stiff enough. I’ve given myself two really good needle jabs so far. I think he’s coming out pretty cute though.

I think this reads as scatter brained as I am feeling. Also today is my birthday! Not that that means much to me anymore. Time to go make/figure out dinner, the troops are restless.

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