Secret Pockets Pillow

Me and my descriptive factual names! This is the second of the One Yard Wonders projects that has been sucking all my time, along with the end of Rebecca’s school year.

Yes, secret pockets, in between each puffy pillow petal you can reach your hand into a pocket. My children love stashing things, don’t yours?

I did a bunch of sewing on the book sample for this today, and I like the number 12, it has lots of factors, and it just tastes yummy and solid in my brain, but, as I was gathering each and every one of these puffy petals and sewing 12 of *everything* I began to wonder why I hadn’t chosen to make a pillow with, say FOUR secret pockets instead of 12! But I love 12. I could have used 10, but 10 is kind of boring and one dimensional. I like 8, I could have done 8, 2 cubed has much more richness than 10, or 7, because it is a prime, and primes have their own nice flavor. But I chose 12. 12, rich like velvet, a solid number you can’t knock over, because it has a foot pointing in every direction, 2, 3, 4, 6.

Do you like 12?

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