Give-Away Winner

I compiled my list, got several headaches over several days reading all of the blogs that got suggested, became so grateful for people who actually suggested duplicates because that meant I didn’t have to read another blog but I couldn’t stop because I am compulsive. After making my list, checking to see whether they were naughty or nice, adding some names 0 times, about half the commenters didn’t read the post at all, not surprising I guess, some names once, some names twice, a few names three times, although I wasn’t sure whether to curse them or reward them, because, more blogs…, and I didn’t finish until last night, but not checking it twice, because, not again(!), I held my breath and rolled the dice.  Congratulations Lois from Kansas!  And thank god it’s over.  I have learned my lesson.  Never ask a question if there is any chance that 166 people might answer it.  Okay, okay, really, I got such a lot of great education sites for my daughter, that I guess, twist my arm, it was worth it.  Maybe I haven’t learned my lesson.  Moving ON. (And leaving the italics behind.)

What did Lois win?  I don’t know, because she had to go and ask for a surprise.  Which means now my head is full of plottings, and schemings, and here I thought I was done with the whole thing!  So she won’t get what I thought I was giving away, she might get something wonderful, and she might get something awful, but either way, she’s brilliant, because the best part is the surprise anyway, and then you can chuck it if you don’t like it.  So you’ll all find out what it was next week after she’s gotten it, because what’s the point of a surprise if you find out ahead of time?  Sheesh.

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