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Vogue Doll

I went to Goodwill, um, okay, I’m not even going to admit how long ago and thus how long this has been sitting on my to-do list… But anyway, someone had donated a very large doll collection, most of them 12-18″ soft bodied dolls with ceramic head, hands and feet. I got the feeling the donor had recently passed away, but perhaps they were moving into a nursing home, or just moving on, but then I think it would be so sad that they didn’t have someone to pass them on to. Maybe these were the leftovers, but they were everywhere – lined up in the toy section, scattered through the furniture section, propped up at the end of the glassware aisle… It was impressive. I told Rebecca that she could pick her favorite, and then I found two with music boxes in their abdomens, and then another I couldn’t leave behind, and that was my limit, but then I found a fifth, plastic this time, but with such style that I knew there was someone somewhere who would appreciate her far more than her Goodwill price tag was going to get her. So, yah, I left with four dolls for Rebecca and I, and one to give away, but how could I not? I’m not the sort of person to pay a new price tag for one of these, but they were sitting there for $5-$8 begging to be rescued. My rational was that two would be for Rebecca, and two for miss unborn – there, maybe you didn’t notice, but obviously I’ve been holding on to this for at least two months, since Penelope is that old now, but the truth is probably twice that. Ahem.

So, here is this incredibly stylish girl in pink, her dress tag says “Vogue Dolls, Inc. Made in U.S.A”, I have no idea if that just applies to the dress (and matching hat) or the doll too. Her eyes open and close, and she is jointed at the neck shoulders and hips and has no problems sitting up by herself. She has a corsage reading “Gary and Connie February 28, 1976″. A wedding presumably, I would love to know the story behind all these dolls. I would love to keep her, but I’m getting rid of things in a quest for tranquility and some freaking space around here, so I certainly can’t keep something I bought intending to give away.

I’m hoping to find someone who will love this doll, not flip it on Ebay, so if you want her please tell me why, and what you plan to do with her. It will be a random draw among all the people who sound convincing, and if you blog this or follow this blog feel free to enter two or three times and tell me. Having a blog or some kind of internet presence would go a long way to convincing me you are a real person, so do put your blog or flickr page, or whatever, into the comment url field. I’ve been a bit burned on an internet gift before, and I’m a bit hesitant about the whole thing now, but this girl deserves a loving home. The giveaway will be open for a week, I’ll close comments next Tuesday night (the 20th) or Wednesday morning, and it may take me a couple days to sift the comments. P.S. I’ll ship anywhere.

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