Alleviate World Poverty Together

I was going to do a giveaway, but I decided to start a December Giving drive instead. Not really giving money, but loaning it. Micro loans specifically, with Kiva.

World poverty is an unfathomably large problem. But if everyone reaches out to give a hand to another person, well, we would be somewhere better. I’m not feeling very allegorical I guess!

Here, go read How We Can Help Alleviate World Poverty in Three Easy Steps. Feeling more inspired now? So I’m taking part in the Blog with Heart Challenge, not because I want to win something, but because I want to give, and Kiva seems like a really good way to make a difference.

I’ve started by loaning $50 to a craftswomen in Peru to buy wool. Wouldn’t you like to do something like that?

The Blog with Heart Challenge is about getting blogging communities together to make a difference, and encouraging each other. So I’m encouraging you to fund a micro loan with Kiva, and join the One Inch World team. (Current balance zero, because I made my first loan before I started the team… oops.)

how you can join the challenge – (it only takes two minutes)

Step #1 Register: Go to and register.

Step #2 Join the One Inch World lending team Scroll down and push the ‘JOIN TEAM’ button.

Step #3 Lend: Click on LEND in the navigation bar. Choose a group or person you would like to lend to, read about them, and click on the LEND NOW button.

Step #4 Boost your team: On the ‘My Basket’ page. In the upper right hand part it says: “Count towards team:” put the name of your blog team in the box below.

Step #5 Pay: Click on ‘CONTINUE’ and you’ll be taken to the secure payment page.

You don’t have to add your loan to my blog portfolio, but if you do, I’ll send you a copy of the pattern I just finished, Soft Linkable Car Pattern. Fun, right?

I’ll be funding micro loans and reminding you all month, but you know you’re so excited about helping that you’re going to go to and fund a loan right now! :-)

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