Needlefelted Matryoshka

I got the idea for these from this picture of ‘Felt Wool Cute Zakka’ from FeltCafe’s photostream. Theirs are cuter, but mine are still cute! Even if the green one looks more like she is wearing a parka than a shawl…

Rebecca insisted that since it was ‘Children’s Day’ last week (okay, so officially it was the 5th) I needed to make her a present, since she’d gotten me a present for Mother’s day. Which technically I both suggested and bought. But we are politely ignoring that. I’d just been perusing FeltCafe’s photostream and picking out my favorite inspirations, so I flipped through them and suggested a few possibilities. The smaller one is Rebecca’s, and then I had to make Penelope one so she would stop stealing Rebecca’s. I’m pretty sure that Penelope lost hers at the library within a few hours of getting it though. We’ll see if it turns up. :-/ I have learned, you see, that I need to photograph things *before* I give them to my children, or it’s all over.

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