Recycled Mesh Collecting Bags

Aren’t these cute? Or at least useful for those shell collecting trips, and the playground. And mostly recycled! Those are orange bags and old car seat belts. (The car seat was in a minimal accident and thus discarded.) I have the photos for a tutorial. But my posting schedule has dropped again, this working for money thing is definitely cutting into my free time, what with not wanting to skimp on the parenting thing, and needing to keep my family in clean clothes and dishes. Have I mentioned that I don’t have a dishwasher? But I think after a year and a half we figured out how to fit a portable 18″ one into the kitchen. Woo! It might involve the occasional bruised hip, but if it works out it will be totally worth it. So save your orange bags and watch this space for a tutorial. I’d say it would be up Friday, but frankly I’ll probably be packing for Maine/Vermont, and I have a presentation for work to do before I can even get to that. So hopefully Monday. I’ll cross my fingers for you. (^_^) I know you don’t really need me on this though, you can figure it all out yourself, it isn’t complicated.

But ah Maine. I need to slow down and do some anticipating or I won’t realize I’m on a (possibly working) vacation until it’s over. Moss, pine trees, boggy forest trails, beaches and very cold water. I made these bags for our imminent trip to a place very like ‘One Morning in Maine.’ We aren’t quite ready for the loosing-teeth part, but after re-reading it this morning Rebecca has requested that we plan on digging clams for clam chowder. Happy to oblige! There will probably be a gallery of fairy houses coming up soon too.

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