Melting Crayons

We started by hot-glueing crayons to previously primed cardboard, (I am too cheap to buy canvas) and aiming a hair dryer at them.

We quickly graduated to my husband’s heat gun, which melted crayons A LOT faster.

So fast that you can see the ripples running down this stubby crayon.

So fast there were many gleeful puddles of paraffin.

It was so hot that we reached the smoke point of the crayons (or possibly the cardboard) several times and had to back off.

Unusually for us we had several burns. They were all from the glue gun though! The kids were all properly respectful of the heat gun. One refused to go near it.

And we went through my *entire* stash of sacrificial crayons, I was really surprised! I had to start cutting more cardboard too.

This activity has been all over, so I’m hard pressed to cite a source, I perhaps saw it first at A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That.

Some google searching explains that there was a Pinterest challenge that is possibly responsible for the explosion based on the art of Jessica Kerbawy possibly? And – Ooooooooh, putting crayons through your glue gun? Why did I never think of THAT? Brings up an entire new field of custom layered crayons, like decorated cupcakes!

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