Lego Sequencing

I’m always pleased when I realize that a toy I have has multiple educational functions, and I don’t need to go make/buy/download something to get it. I was playing with our lego duplo with Penelope, and I realized we could use it for pattern sequencing. I’m not sure I’ve ever deliberately done any sequencing with either girl, but always thought I should set up an activity with bead pattern sequences on wooden dowels or something, back when I was more deliberately home pre-schooling Rebecca, but I never did. And now I can cross it off my list! You can do pattern sequencing with lots of things, stickers, colored squares of paper, a marker! So obviously I never needed one of those special bead sequencing sets, and yet it was somehow stuck on my mental list of ‘educational experiences that I am depriving my children of.’ But no more! Has anyone designed a homeschool curriculum around LEGO? Who needs cuisenaire rods when you have LEGO? So usually they only come in 1,2,3,4,6,8 & 10+, but you can fix that with a little bandsaw action. I’m running away from myself!

We sorted some duplo 2×2 blocks into colored piles (sorting!) and then took turns making sequences of three different blocks stuck onto a base plate and copying them. Simple! I would set out three blocks in a row, then she would match them directly underneath, then she would set out three blocks and I would have to match them.

Then we further explored patterns by building a city of skyscrapers. Penelope was more interested in breaking my patterns than assisting with them, but really, that made everything more beautiful.

What educational games do you play with LEGO?

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