Magic Mirror

Wow, over a month. I’m teaching art at school again, we are still doing lots of fabulous things, but obviously not chronicling them! Hopefully you have me in your blog reader, and aren’t forlornly checking in every week!


This is a quick fun project motivated by my three year old Penelope. What you need: An old hair brush with the bristle pad pulled out, plastic jewels, a ‘mirror’ (cardboard, packing tape and aluminum foil) and a glue gun.

To make the ‘mirror’ cut a piece of cardboard to a size that you can slip into the hair brush. Wrap it in aluminum foil and packing tape, then glue it into the brush. The wonky not-actually-very-reflective surface is part of the magic. At least I think it is easier to imagine things when you can’t see your face staring back at you.


Start glueing jewels around your mirror!

Magic Mirror

This is a super simple project, and although Penelope couldn’t do the hot glueing, she did pick out the jewels for me, and say where they should go, until she got bored. It is now one of her treasured possessions that she likes to carry around, so I’d say the project is a win. :-) Somehow in her mythos, the magic mirror takes pictures and puts them into a little picture album that she also carries around. I’m sure your magic mirror will have different functionality!

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