Monster Bandwagon

It’s something I’ve always meant to do, I find all of the monsters everyone is making so inspiring, but for some reason, I’ve just never sat down and made one.  Well, now I have.  And I must make more!  I’m on the bandwagon.  Monsters are awesome.  I’m going to stop making baby quilts for new babies and just make monsters.  Or maybe I’ll make monster baby quilts… hmm.

This monster is really a crayon drawing.  I was lying on the floor drawing with crayons with my daughter, and I liked the monster I drew, so I cut my drawing out, used it as a pattern, and sewed it up.  I like it!  So does Rebecca.  She was very upset with me when I hid it away.  She thinks everything I make should be for her to play with now now now.  But she’s just going to have to wait a couple weeks.  I almost gave in the next day and let her sleep with it, but it was conditional on her letting me brush her teeth without the awful struggle that is usually involved, but that didn’t happen.  

I hand stitched the whole thing, I love being able to do that, but it did take me two hours, I think.  I noticed that I’d got the fabric pattern upside down as I was finish it, oops, but whatever.  I made another one Sunday night, that I machine sewed with a messier scribbled face, which only took one hour.  But I don’t like that one as much.  Need to take a picture.  But not now.  Maybe I’ll make six more tomorrow, not that I have the time, only the desire.  On the up side I finally mailed off the DVDs of my SIL’s wedding that I shot… over two months ago.  But now I need to start on my brother’s wedding, which was also two months ago.  Poor guy.  That’s what you get with a free wedding photographer who’s also a full-time mom… and easily distractible…

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