Ice Cube Painting – Art Playgroup Friday

Ice Painting

This was fun, but would have worked better outside, because the ice cubes would have melted faster. Instead we hurried them along by getting out a bowl of water to dip them in. I tried two different kinds of paint popsicles, frozen (washable) tempera paint, and water with food coloring. MaryAnn Kohl’s First Art suggests liquid water colors, but we don’t have any. (Shocking, we seem to have everything else between Rebecca’s art supplies and mine…) The water and food coloring definitely worked better than the tempera paint, the tempera paint was squashy and crunchy and globy, and didn’t really like being frozen I think. The water and food coloring melted onto the paper much more gracefully. I saw the water and food coloring suggestion most recently from Chasing Cheerios Painting with Ice Cubes post, I think that was our inspiration anyhow. Which I’m needing more and more of! There will probably be somewhere between 0-3 art playgroups before we have a new baby, and then we’ll just be having playgroups for a while. I already can’t remember what I did this morning, and my writing is deteriorating! And then comes parent participation preschool at the end of September. Things are going to be changing around here.

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