Doll Quilt


This is a work in progress from an embarassingly long time ago. How long? It has been stashed in a corner of my sewing basket through two moves now… probably unloved for almost 10 years. Why? Well, it was a fiddly pain, those pink squares are 1/4″ inch across. The whole thing is about 7″ across. What was I thinking? And then I got one of the stripes backwards and didn’t notice, so I had to rip a bunch out, and then I just gave up because the corners weren’t lining up. I think, it’s been a while so my motivations are a little hazy. Well, the corners still aren’t lining up, but at least it isn’t getting soaked in sewing machine oil anymore. I can’t say it makes a good doll house quilt, it’s much too stiff, but it makes an okay rug. Anyway, it’s done, so there!

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