Stamping Inspiration

This morning I saw CREO a nifty reconfigurable geometric stamping thing (via Hello Craft). I think it is brilliant and exciting. I want to jump up and make one with the tiny wooden blocks I have. I think it is because I have a giant soft spot for modular reconfigurable systems. Also, it reminds me of the Handwriting Without Tears system of building letters out of basic block shapes.

And it comes on the heals of another inspiring reconfigurable stamping post. I also thought this post on plasticine stamp printing from Filth Wizardry was amazing. If you haven’t already seen it around go check out her sunflower, and using magnetic fridge letters to create plasticine stamps. I think she is an amazing artist. (I’d tempt you all with a picture, but I am a little unclear on her use policy.)

So now I really want to get stamping. But I have so many other things I want to do right now I might not get to it. So I had to talk about it now, when I was excited, even if I didn’t have any of my own work to show!

[Don’t forget, my barrette giveaway is still open!]

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