If this were a piece of cake which one would look the most like frosting? Sometimes a pattern is simple and obvious for me, and sometimes, especially when I am concentrating on making something ‘easy’, trying to come up with a pattern that I think someone else can duplicate, it can take me a long time to get something right. This is probably a record for prototypes, and I think I’ve lost a few. The last one clockwise is a little unbalanced, the top curve is leaning over to the side, but I know how to fix that, so my current favorite is the second from the clockwise end. I really had a lot of hope for the one with lace, but when it was done, bleh. The gathered ones are okay in some ways, (4,5 & 6 clockwise) but I don’t feel like their structurally sound, since if the gather thread snaps they will pop out. I’m thinking, maybe pin tucks? Or possibly this is all the Resistance.

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