Braiding and Knotting

It was one of those moments, when you don’t know whether to be proud or irritated. :-) I had set up an activity for our Art Playgroup where I was planning on making half hitch bracelets. But as soon as Rebecca got home from school she decided that she was going to teach everyone how to braid, and she did.

Then later that night she let me show her how to make a half hitch coord, declared it would be a fun activity after all, then the next art group she refused to have anything to do with it and spent the whole time playing with one of her friends in her room. Sigh. No one has to do the art, it isn’t like it is a paid class, so if I want to engage them I have to make it an interesting project they haven’t done before. Sometimes I think the only reason there is still art at our playgroup is because I am stubborn!

If you would like to make a half hitch coord it is very easy, and is a great starter macrame project, the easiest I could think of in fact.

Cut any number of coords, they don’t even really have to be the same length. Tie the end in a bundle and clip it to a clip board, or tie it around your big toe, or something.

In the photo above the pink string is the active coord, Anya has caught it around her index finger, crossed the pink yarn over to the right, under the blue string, and up through the triangular hole she’s made. Then you pull it tight and repeat. If that doesn’t make any sense you can google ‘macrame half hitch’ and I’m sure you’ll find some more helpful youtube video. Oooor, maybe not. Sorry I don’t have any more action shots, but I think you can figure it out.

Whenever you want to change colors you just pick a new active coord.

If you have seen that thing where a street vendor will take a lock of your hair and knot around it in stripes of embroidery floss, this is the same thing.

When Anya was done she decided she just wanted the pink gradated string so we cut the stripy bit off.

Penelope is just about to start co-op nursery school, and all the intro meetings and school maintenance hours are killing me, I feel like I’m behind in everything right now! Including answering comments, and general blog love. :-/

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