Beads and Clay – Art Playgroup Friday

I saw this idea for pushing beads into clay at The Crafty Crow and we had to try it for our art playgroup.


First we got a pound of random glass beads, I’m sure they are all rejects from some bead factory, but who cares if they have holes we aren’t going to be stringing them anyway. Rebecca and I started the day sorting them by color. I thought we would do a couple and get bored, but we made it through almost all of them, sorting glass beads is a lot of fun! Um, maybe I’m compulsive or something.


We didn’t try to make bowls, we spent the whole time mashing beads into the clay and pulling them out, smooshing beady clay up, picking it apart… It was great. They stuck with it much longer than most of the things we’ve done recently, usually somebody breaks for the tricycles and then it’s all over. So two thumbs up. Smooshy tactile salt-flour clay and pretty glass beads make a good combo.

Beaded Clay

And then we had naked running through the sprinklers in the back yard – but no pictures of that!

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