Spinning and Spinning and Spinning

One thing that we did a lot of in Vermont was spin. I borrowed my sister in-law’s fabulous Schacht Matchless which is a *sweet* machine.

I had fun carding colors together, and plying red/yellows with yellow/blues. Color mixing is so much fun.

I even got Rebecca into it. She’s spun before, but still needs some practice. (You can see she’s wearing her tie-dye. :-) )

Part of the reason she fell for it was the silver sparkles I was carding into the wool. You can see them sprinkled around (especially in the first shot). What girl can resist sparkles?

Of course, I ended up deciding to knit a scarf for my husband with this yarn, we’ll see if he can handle the sparkles. Maybe when he’s bored in meetings he can pick them out one by one…

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