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Solstice Fire

So, I’m in charge of introducing the winter solstice at my daughter’s preschool since we are the only ones that celebrate it, I think. And the books for that age group are pretty, non-existant. There are some reasonable ones for 5, but I couldn’t find one at the library for 3. So I wrote one. Last night I illustrated it with an old broken oil pastel scrounged from my daughter’s art caddy, and then colored it on my computer, and this morning I cleaned up the formatting and exported it as a PDF. It is very simple and short, I was aiming for something in the style of Maisy, but obviously I am not as practiced an artist! Or author.

You can print it out double sided on 8.5″x11″ paper, and then trim it to the black lines. Should you actually want it! I should put up a web version, but as tomorrow is the solstice, which is our major holiday, I am rather out of time! But since tomorrow IS the solstice, I wanted to share it tonight. I will try to make a web viewable version next week.

Winter Solstice, The Longest Night of the Year

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