Curve Stitching

Curve Stitching

I was organizing our art closet and I came across a pile of curve stitching templates I printed out for my Arts Focus class, we did the project once but never again. I thought I would get one more use out of them, so I subjected my art playgroup kids to it. :-) They got pretty into it, although the patience level varied by age.

Sunburst Curve Stitching

The moms had quite a good time too.

For actual instructions and the templates we used see Don’t Eat the Paste: Curve Stitching Templates. She has a nice description of the process and a bit of the history. Mary Boole created curve stitching to help teach mathematics, which led me to her entirely inadequate Wikipedia article (I bet if she had been a man it would have been longer!) which led me to her book, The Preparation of the Child for Science which I’m going to have to add to my summer reading list.

We also used this book, Curve Stitching: Art of Sewing Beautiful Mathematical Patterns
by Jon Millington
, which is interesting, but it looks like it is about twice as expensive now as when I bought it a year and a half ago (for $16.50.)

Did you ever do anything like curve stitching when you were in elementary school? I know I did, but I can’t quite remember when. I do remember doing lots of doodling based on curve stitching when I was younger.

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